Tips for Finding a Nanny in London

If you are returning to work, progressing your career, starting a business from home or running a large house with small children you will be, most likely, wishing and longing for quality and affordable childcare. When choosing childcare we recommend you first assess your needs and finances. What can you afford? How many hours a day do you need? Does it need to be local? More important to you will be your child’s needs, but unfortunately unless you have a blank cheque and live in a large city your choices will be governed by finances and local childcare options available.

Where to Find Childcare

The internet search engines are the best way to find up to date and relevant information on local providers. By searching for the type of childcare and location you will get the best results. Alternatively you can use a phone book, or your local Children’s information Service (CIS) Direct Gov will also give you information regarding registered childcare providers, which can help if you receive tax credits or wish to use the childcare voucher scheme. Nowadays all childcare can be registered, the only exception being Grandparent or family members. Best bear Childcare  offers valuable information regarding Childcare, and offers the only Nanny Agency Vetting service, be sure to only use a nanny agency recommended by Best Bear as these accredited agencies have to personally interview and screen the candidates prior to sending to you for interview. Childcare Link  proves useful in sourcing childminders and local nurseries / pre schools. Don’t forget a very important place to find childcare is though personal recommendation and word of mouth so ask around and find out the best childcare options in your local area through mother and toddler groups and NCT groups.

A Nanny Agency that we recommend to help find a Nanny in London is Harmony at Home.


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